Know What Happens, When Your Camera Is Not Synced With The Base Station?



While you are setting up or adding a new Arlo Pro 2 camera to your system, the camera might infrequently fail to synchronize with your security base station. Your Arlo security camera cannot be detected by your PC until it is successfully synced. 

  • Why should you keep the camera close to the base station?

 You should always keep your camera more than three feet away from the base station. If your camera would be away more than three feet, that time the sync process will not work properly.

  • Why should you sync the buttons in the right order & for the valid duration?

 While you are using the Arlo base station, then press the sync button on the base station round about two seconds & after two seconds release the button.


Important Note


When the sync button on the base station is pressed for a long time, if the LED under & the symbol blinks amber, then you should wait for fifteen minutes. And try syncing again.


  1. While you are using an Arlo Pro 2 base station, then you should press the top base station button round about two or three seconds. After two- three-second release the button.


  1. Wait (for sync status) until the base station led shows a green light.


How to check battery status?


  1. The low batteries prevent the camera from syncing to the base station. You must always check on the time if the camera’s battery is low, then you should log in to your Arlo account.
  2. Install the Arlo Pro 2 app and sign in to your account at
  3. Click on settings> my devices & find out your base station is connected to your system. In case the base station is not connected then reconnect.

 Still, you want to get more information regarding this camera, then make a connection on Arlo Security Camera Support Phone Number. The advisers are 24*7 ready to help.


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