How to Troubleshoot Problem When Arlo Pro 2 Camera is Not Detecting Motion?



Arlo pro 2 is the latest camera product introduced in the market by Netgear. It is new age home security product that comes integrated with so many advanced features that not only strengthen security but also enhance user experience. Have you ever faced a motion detection problem with your Arlo pro 2? Were you able to resolve it on your own, or started seeking expert help? No doubt it will be a right decision to take expert help via Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera Phone Number. However, we are here discussing guidelines to troubleshoot motion detection in Arlo pro 2 cameras.

1- Check & verify whether your camera is carefully positioned or not

2- In the second step, make sure that the motion detection feature is enabled

3- Sensitivity settings should not be configured too low

4- Sometimes incorrect email address entered by you does not let you receive detected motion. So, check & verify whether you have configured correct mailing id, or the alerts of motion are sent to some other mail.

You can use motion detection test in Arlo pro 2 cameras to get confirmed that a motion detection feature is working. For this,

  • Sign in to your Arlo account, either through Arlo app, or official site
  • Go to “settings” & then “my device”
  • Clicking on a device, you will find option, “motion detection test”; Click it and move the slider for testing motion detection for the device.

If the led light flashes an amber color, it means the camera is detecting motion.

Hope after trying above-mentioned steps, you are able to overcome motion detection problem with your Arlo Security Camera. Keep in touch with us if you want to improve your knowledge to all issues with the camera. You can also resolve your concerns in real time by taking a suggestion from our Arlo experts any time on a phone call.


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