Some Quick Introductory Points to Improve Knowledge of Arlo Pro Camera




Arlo with its advanced security features takes responsibility to optimize security requirements of users. Here, in this blog some important facts and information is described which will be helpful for you to utilize Arlo camera more efficiently. Arlo Pro Support Phone Number is always a better option to keep you updated with knowledge and resolves all technical interruptions with the camera.

Can motion detection work through glass or windows?:

To get the answer to this question, one should have knowledge of what mechanism does Arlo use for motion detection. Generally, Arlo cameras use two types of motion detection and both types are inhibited especially from window glasses. So, in short, it is to say that motion detection does not work through windows.

Therefore, we recommend you to place Arlo camera outside if you want to get clear responses from a camera on motion detection. Arlo Pro wire-free cameras use passive infrared detection and most of the glasses nowadays used in houses are insulated therefore limit the movement of heat through the glass.

How to edit friend’s privileges in Arlo account?

  • Friends are additional users which can be active in the same account, but with limited privileges. To edit privileges:
  • Open Arlo account, tap settings and click option, “grant access” under account
  • Now click option, “edit”->click cameras either to choose or remove them.
  • After that offer privileges to your friend by moving “allow access rights” slider.
  • Then click done to save settings

Hope, the description mentioned above is useful for you to improve your camera knowledge. To clear your doubts or misconceptions, Arlo Support Number remains ready to round the clock, where you can put your queries ahead of experts & get real-time help.


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