It is really impossible to secure the residential and commercial area all the time. But with Arlo Ultra camera you can make it possible because Arlo Ultra camera works 24 hours to secure your house. Let’s go ahead to know the features of Arlo Ultra and also, by dialing Arlo Phone Number you can get better information about this camera. This is absolutely 100% wireless security system with many security features.



 It has come in the market with many improved features like- 180-degree field of view, an advanced SmartHub, a new, magnetic the mounting solution, 4k security video resolution with the HDR (high dynamic range), magnetic charging, color night vision, dual microphones for the 2-way audio, auto track & zoom, a modular design, an integrated spotlight with integrated smart siren, one year of Arlo smart subscription, etc. Along with these security features, you can protect your house in an effective manner. Also, it helps you to reduce your security concerns. With the Arlo Camera security, you can give rest to your mind. If you are on vacations still you can view the security video of your house from any corner of the world.


Arlo Ultra camera with 4K UHD resolution with the high dynamic range


Do you know only Arlo Ultra camera gives you 4k video? And with the 4k video quality, you are able to record higher-quality security videos. Facilitates you to view a clear image with more detail. Arlo Ultra security camera also uses HDR (high dynamic range), which you will surely be able to see in high-reverse settings. The Ultra camera automatically discovers and regulates the IQ settings which is based on the external conditions so that it can be assured that the quality of the image remains in shadows or incandescent lighting systems.


Arlo Ultra has auto track & zoom specialty


Arlo Ultra camera has the auto track and zoom feature which helps you to enhance the focus on all the moving things with improved clarity & detail. When Ultra senses the motion, then it automatically zooms in & tracks the moving object movement, when the object comes in the Arlo Ultra area of view.


Get color night vision by Arlo Ultra


Now with the Arlo Ultra, you can view the colored images and video in the night. Because of Color Night Vision of Arlo Ultra enables you to look at colored images and video in night-time activity with better quality.


Arlo Ultra offers you a 180-degree field of view


Arlo Ultra offers you a 180-degree viewing field’s of view with the auto image improvement, which decreases the fisheye impact when activated. Also, you can easily modify the field of ​​the view in the area of ​​180, 155 or 120-degree view on Arlo Ultra. To implement a greater viewing angle & 4K security video recording, Arlo Ultra applies an improved picture sensor, new lens, and new streaming design.


Whats better in Arlo Ultra Integrated Spotlight


Arlo Ultra is implemented with the built-in flashlight to be activated when detecting motion during viewing. A flashlight can be initiated manually on the Arlo app within the camera's live stream menu.


Arlo Ultra Dual Microphones


Arlo Ultra Dual The microphone provides crystal clear 2-way audio for the remote interaction. Arlo Ultra camera uses spatial filtering for reducing the in low-noise and air interference and hone-in at a special source of audio.



What is Magnetic Mounting


The mounting system for Arlo Ultra is completely different from the mounting system of Arlo wire-less cameras. The new attractive mount is totally concave and matches the camera's stern pattern correctly. It provides a more accurate fit between the mount and the camera also, and it allows new methods to mount Arlo Ultra Security Camera, with tablets, walls, and ceilings. The powerful magnetic force between Arlo Ultra camera including Mount makes the mind in peace. And the camera will remain in position.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned information will be beneficial for you to know about the specialty of Arlo Ultra cameras. In case you require more information about this security system, then call at Arlo Support NumberThe expert of this smart is always ready to help you. So, hurry up get in touch with the support team.


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