Customize Audio Sensitivity On Arlo Security Camera With Ease


Arlo cameras are equipped with Audio detection feature through which it starts triggering video recording when sound is detected. However, sound sensitivity level of Arlo Security devices can be customized and users can set it according to their needs. Besides, Arlo Tech Support Number can be used if users need correct guidance to do so.  

Here’s how one can do so?

  • First off, users are required to launch Arlo app or go with login to your Arlo account.   
  • Now, click on ‘Mode’ option.
  • If users are willing to change sensitivity level of audio feature of Arlo Pro Wire-Free camera, opt for base station connected to camera whose audio sensitivity needs to be changed from their end.
  • If users want to do so for an Arlo Q, Q Plus, or Go camera, they are required to tap camera whose sound sensitivity you are looking to change.
  • Once it is done completely, you need to click ‘pencil’ icon which is available next to the mode for which you are willing to alter audio sensitivity.
  • Afterwards, click ‘pencil’ icon which is available next to rule for the camera whose audio sensitivity level needs to be modified.
  • Next to Audio is detected, a pencil icon is appeared that you need to click on it.
  • Here, you will be able to adjust the sensitivity level for audio detection with the aid of slider. 
  • After the completion, click save option and go to ‘Edit’ rule.
  • Now, you are required to tap ‘Done’ and once you click on it, Arlo Security Camera settings of audio sensitivity are saved. 

Besides, if any inconveniences takes place while executing above mentioned operation, get in touch with pro advisor to fetch the right guidance.