Get Comprehensive Info to Turn Email Notification ON/OFF When Using Arlo Camera

Arlo line-up home security cameras have become popular all over the world due to its incredible characteristics and functionality. Now, if you are the owner of an Arlo camera, and now want to turn on / off your email notifications, then follow below-given instructions. With the appearance of modern technology, the method of establishing a home-based security system is becoming easier every day. However, for several security cameras, it still suggests working with wires/cables to begin their own HD (High-Definition) cameras. But, the respite of relief has already arrived, and it is the line-up security cameras from Netgear which are called Arlo Security Cameras. And the great news is that there is no need for any type of wires to install the limit of Arlo Pro cameras. This security camera can work for more than one month after full charging. To get more information about Arlo line-up cameras, you can get aid from the Arlo support team.


Innovative Arlo Pro home security system is a top notch to secure the home first. However, Arlo Pro 2 progresses with increased interpretation and complementary features. And one more good thing is that Arlo has finally begun its AI-enabled and distinguished design Arlo Smart system to provide strong competition to the significant names. Although Arlo 2 has some drawbacks, when we look at its impressive characteristics, they are negligible. Although there are some drawbacks in Arlo 2, when we see its impressive features, they are negligible.

Perform the mentioned-below steps to turn email notifications ON/OFF

  • First of all, you have to install the Arlo application. You can also sign-n to the related Arlo account by going to
  • After this, you have to tap or click on "mode", & then "name of camera or base station."
  • Now, you should click or tap on the "pencil" icon bar for a selective current mode. And Also, click or tap on the "pencil" icon below the section, which is called "rule".
  • Now, below the section click on "Alert", you need to select the special checkbox next to "Email Alert" or have to clear it too. This will turn on / off the email notifications.
  • One important thing to note is that the user can simply change their email address to receive email alerts. And for that, the user has to click on the pencil “icon” and next to the checkbox labeled “email alert”.
  • Now, you should click on "Save" to apply the changes.

Hopefully, the above information will be helpful to you. If you are not able to turn on / off email notifications after applying the above steps, then you should contact Arlo security camera support specialists. And get avails of Arlo Camera Security. Also, you can forward your security video to the police, when you are not at home.