How Can Arlo Users Adjust Motion Sensitivity Of Arlo Security Cameras?


Arlo home security camera is designed in such a way to start capturing the moment when any motions of sound is detected. An entire mechanism of this security device is completely based on sensitivity that can be adjusted according to needs. For that, Arlo users are allowed to follow official on site procedure on their own or approach Netgear certified professionals through Arlo Security Camera Phone Number in order to do so remotely. 

Make Use Of Below Given Procedure In Order To Adjust Motion Sensitive Level Of Your Arlo Camera:

  • First off, launch Arlo app on cellphone or go to official Netgear website in order to log in to Arlo account.  
  • Directly opt for ‘Mode’ option and select that camera you want to adjust motion sensitivity.   
  • Afterwards, you are required to find out a pencil icon which needs to be clicked & edit too.
  • Click Edit for Wire Free cameras and once it is done, tap pencil like icon.   
  • In order to adjust sensitivity level of motion detection feature, you need to move available slider accordingly.
  • If using Arlo app, it is recommended to click on ‘Save’ option and check out editing rule and click ‘Done’.   
  • If using a system, what you need to do is click ‘Back’ and then tap on ‘Save’ option.
  • All the changes in settings of motion sensitivity will be applied right at the moment you click ‘save’ option.


It is well ensured that the above cited procedure will no doubt help in adjusting motion sensitivity of your Arlo Security Camera. Besides, if any kind of trouble or errors takes place while following the procedure, give a call to any reliable pro advisor using their toll free facility.  Once you give a call on their helpline, an expert will immediately reply your call with a feasible solution to any problems. Hence, it is suggested to approach them whenever you come across any issues regarding this security camera.