Netgear Arlo featured characteristics Preview-Some illustrated features

Everyone who think their premises are prone to security threats can rely on Arlo, one of the best video surveillance system. However, there are lots of internet connected home security cameras available in the market. If you have question, “what makes netgear cameras the world’s best security, the answers can be a bit different however not completely. Users can get the most convenient & desirable solution to their problems, just giving ring at toll-free Arlo Camera Customer Support Number. Newer versions & products come integrated with so many advantageous features & configuration concepts that understanding them all becomes a bit difficult for every arlo user. Through this blog, we are trying to give overview of some featured characteristics of arlo security cameras.


  • For complete set-up and installation of arlo cameras, there’s require a professional installer
  • Availability of wi-fi feature in arlo security cameras solve physical network connection problem completely
  • Arlo pro comes with built in battery & no need of single wire to connect to arlo pro.
  • IP56 RATED weather proofness makes it safe from rain.
  • The built in lithium ion battery pack lasts for 6 months, and it is practical solution in case you require a camera to be placed somewhere without the availability of power supply
  • Arlo wire-free works in two segments-camera unit and base station.
  • Base station is powered by the source of main electricity, however, camera runs on batteries.
  • To discuss base station in short, the base station acts as bridge that connects home network with wired ethernet lan port.
  • Multiple camera units can be paired with base station, the camera has 720 HD resolution with viewing angle of 130 degree.


Hope, you liked the blog. To let your Arlo Security Camera work optimally without physical &  technical interference, you need to keep yourselves in touch of expert, knowledgeable and trusted team of customer care executives.