What New Features Does Arlo Security Light Bring To The Table?


Arlo Security Lights is designed to add extra security by illuminating areas of your home or office that your cameras are keeping an eye on. In addition, these lights pair well with Arlo Security Camera systems. Here, we have listed out some of the latest features offered by the Arlo security light.

Take a look:

Compatibility With All Types Of Arlo Cameras:

The Arlo Security Light is fully compatible with all types of Arlo security cameras such as Arlo Go, Pro, Pro 2, Wire-Free and others.

IFTTT Integration:

IFTTT integration allows you to pair your Arlo lights with other devices which are IFTTT compatible.

Wire-Free Set up:

One of the important features is its wire-free setup. You are allowed to mount your light to anywhere you want.  


Another ultimate feature is IP65-rated water-resistant enclosure, especially built in to protect it from water.

Customizable Settings:

Luckily, you can customize the patterns as well as the colors that your light uses when sound or motion is detected.

Built In Rechargeable Battery:

The Arlo Security light is equipped with long-lasting rechargeable battery which allows you to light your home or office for long time periods.

Immediate & Automatic Alerts:  

Right at the moment when motion or sound is detected, you will be automatically notified through your email or mobile device.

24/7 Management:

You are allowed to control your light at anytime (24/7 round the clock) from anywhere (irrespective of geographical constraints) from the Arlo app on the mobile phone.


Hope all these features are easy to understand! Other than this, you can count on our 24/7 active Arlo Camera Customer Support Number to get valuable tips and assistance related to your trusted safety devices. Besides, you can fetch more information on the same topic just by visiting our website for a while.